Our platforms 

Plateforme Analytique

Analytical plateform

Characterize compounds from complex samples

The analytical chemistry platform is composed of adaptable chromatographic equipments and a Raman spectrometer for routine or more specific analyses, for the identification and quantification of chemical compounds from complex samples. Know more  


Conception et instrumentation

Instrumentation & Design

Develop tools to assist processes

This platform increases the research potential of the different axes by offering the ability to design in-house original equipment that meets specific data collection needs for process understanding and modeling. Know more

Plateforme Imagerie

Imagery plateform

Observe what is infinity small to optimize industrial processes

Diagnosis, temporal evolution, quantitative analysis and modeling on real morphology are based on imaging. The imaging platform is equipped with various equipment allowing the acquisition of 2D, 3D and 4D images at high resolution and compatible with digital post-processing. Know more 


Pilotes de laboratoire

Pilot plant platform

A link to secure the transfer of innovation to industry

The Chair of Biotechnology ensures the transfer of research to industry thanks to its modular pilot plant platform. This pilot plant consists of a fleet of laboratory pilot equipment, deployed in a technological hall, and covers the entire biorefinery value chain. Know more