Imagery platform

Observe and understand the infinitely small to model and optimize the industrial process

The imagery platform is equipped with a variety of equipments allowing the acquisition of 2D, 3D and 4D high-resolution images. Obtaining an image allows on the one hand to observe, and on the other hand to follow the evolution of a process when the acquisition is prolonged in time. Beyond imaging, the platform affords a digital post-processing offer allowing to diagnose, analyze quantitatively and model from a real morphology. The platform is commonly used for the observation of biological phenomena and the morphological characterization of biosourced materials, and is open to other observations.


Aya Zoghlami

Plateforme imagerie


Our equipments

  • X-ray nano-tomograph equipped with a 160 kV nano-focus tube and a 150 kV micro-focus tube (EasyTom XL 150-160, RX Solutions) - In situ and surface 3D observation, physically non-destructive with 3D image analysis up to a resolution of 400 nm
  • Confocal Raman microscope equipped with 2 lasers 532 nm, 785 nm and the "TrueSurface" coupling surface analysis and surface topography (Alpha 300R, WITec) - 3D observation of the surface with Raman spectra for chemical analysis
  • Apotome microscope with Light Structured Epifluorescence (Zeiss Axiozoom V16, Zeiss) - Creation of optical sections of fluorescent samples


Examples of applications

  • Non-destructive 3D imaging of porous composite materials
  • 3D image analysis: pore size, fiber orientation, connectivity, volume fractions, etc.
  • Observation of materials under stress (mechanical, hydric): measurement, model validation, etc.
  • 3D topography of optical sections of fluorescent samples 
  • Observation of the growth of immobilized mixed crops 
  • Observation of the growth of filamentous fungi on lignocellulosic substrates
  • Characterization of chemical species present in biomass samples