Instrumentation & Design plateform 

Develop tools to assist processes

The instrumentation and design platform has technical facilities enabling it to develop, integrate and calibrate instruments and sensors intended to be embarked on characterization benches or bioreactors. This platform increases the research potential of the different research axes by offering the ability to design in-house original equipment that meets specific data collection needs for understanding and modeling processes. The platform also assists its industrial partners to identify the best technical solutions in response to their needs and has the internal means to innovate through the development of new sensors transferable to industry for on-line process instrumentation.  


Mahamadou Mounkaila

Plateforme instrumentation et conception


Our equipements 

    • Realization of printed circuits
    • Conventional / SMD / BGA soldering area 
    • Electronic CAD space / CAD software (Altium Designer) and prototyping software (MATLAB)
    • IoT Space (Internet of Things - Arduino, Raspberry, Bluetooth LE, Zigbee, CAN)
    • Numerical control 3 and 4 axes
    • Non-contact 3D scanning
    • 3D ABS printer
    • Vacuum casting system
    • CAD software : CATIA V5 and SPACECLAIM  
    • IOS/ Android development systems
    • xilinx license for embedded systems (Vivado HLx)
    • Competence Center Arduino / Raspberry
    • National Instrument / Visual Basic Licenses 
    • Multiphysical CAD for micro-electromechanical systems
    • Simulation of silicon micromachining processes
  • Examples of applications

  • Instrumented barrel - Instrumentation of barrels with several sensors (pressure, temperature and humidity, dendrometer) and development of acquisition systems and associated control software.
  • Instrumented mini-bioreactor - Development of sensors for the acquisition of on-line measurements (pH, pressure, T° type PT1000, and yeast concentration) and development of a measurement unit and associated software. 
  • Instrumented Petri dish - Realization by 3D printing and instrumentation with CO2 and O2 sensors to monitor cell respiration in culture. 
  • Mini-spectrometer - Design of an acquisition board with a 16-bit resolution and a speed up to 5MHz in order to obtain mini-spectrometers that can be easily integrated on a bioreactor. 
  • Instrumentation of a Membrane Bioreactor - Installation of the sensors, then development of the acquisition system and associated software to measure in real time the PH, REDOX, product gas flow and effluent weight.   
  • Multi-sensor acquisition system - The developed system provides a low cost measurement unit offering the possibility to read up to 128 sensors simultaneously thanks to the exploitation of the I2C protocol. 
  • Design and instrumentation of planar photobioreactors - Proof of concept by 3D printing then custom fabrication for the design of the planar photobioreactor. Instrumentation for the acquisition of light spectra thanks to an electric LED device controlled by Arduino.